Pam the EmceePam has been emceeing and facilitating meetings and events for 10 years.  She added improv comedy to her skill set in 2012 and incorporates these skills into her approach to each event.

Pam has an uncanny ability to keep a events on track and fun at the same time.  Her business acumen and dry wit are a powerful combination and result in her clients being extremely satisfied with the results.


If you are looking to have a memorable, successful meeting or event, Just Call Pam for help!


What are Pam's Clients Saying:

  1. Pam keeps the meeting moving and interesting!
  2. Pam's humor adds a levity while maintaining professionalism.
  3. Pam is really good at getting the event attendees involved.
  4. We definitely made more money at our fundraiser because of Pam's facilitation skills.


Pam can be reached at 720-339-3487 or